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Body treatments

Esensa Mediterana’s professional body care treatments in beauty salons offer a wide variety of benefits: they redefine the contours of the body, i.e. help with weight loss, while also stimulating detoxification, remineralisation and tonification and reducing cellulite. As results can only be achieved with a comprehensive approach that is tailor-made to the needs of every client, it is our mission to do everything we can to help you achieve lasting beauty and satisfaction. Intensive body treatments represent the essence of professional body care, which is offered in packages and created with the aim of achieving the best results possible in accordance with the individual needs of every client. The packages contain treatments with several types of algae (green – Aosaine, brown – Fucus Vesciculosus, red - Rodysterol and sedimentary algae- Litotaminium Calceareum), essential oils and phytotherapy blends that act in synergy to provide exceptional results. Before starting with any of the programmes, we recommend a good exfoliation and detox treatment of the body.


Make your skin firmer and smoother! After anti-cellulite treatments and weight  loss, the skin becomes looser and needs to be toned, which is exactly why we  offer this intensive body care treatment that is, in essence, an algae-based  body wrap. The treatment stimulates and accelerates metabolism, improves tissue firmness and promotes the remineralisation and detoxification of the body.


Eliminate toxins from your body today! This intensive treatment includes:  a lavender body scrub that is left on the skin for 15 minutes, after  which we use massage to stimulate the body to eliminate excess water and toxins.  Next up is a relaxing massage with acupressure and a short foot reflexology  treatment in order to detoxify your body as well as possible. The treatment  has a revitalising and relaxing effect owing to its active ingredients:

rosemary, lavender and horse chestnut.

Active ingredients:

• Algae – have a revitalising effect on the skin, regulate  moisture levels and stimulate the epithelisation of the skin. Pantothenic acid and fluoride from algae strengthen connective tissue
• Lavender – also has a revitalising, i.e. spasmolytic effect
• Rosemary – stimulates circulation and tonification
• Horse chestnut – has an astringent and tonifying effect,  accelerates the toxin elimination process and is effective against varicose veins  and broken capillaries

Gold medal – the Treatment has been awarded with multiple gold medals, both in  Croatia and abroad.


A taste of Mediterranean aromatherapy, just for you!

Lavender, sage, rosemary and many more essences of the Mediterranean  will welcome you into the world of essential oils, phytotherapy and  thalassotherapy, acting in synergy to give you fantastic results. The  treatment includes a special massage technique that:

• nourishes
• relaxes
• revitalises
• drains
• detoxifies


Lose weight with body drainage! This treatment includes a peel off mask based on cacao extract and guarana. Restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin and stimulates weight loss.

Active ingredients:

Paullinia cupana – guarana which contains caffeine and other alkaloids such as theobromine and theophylline. Used for the stimulation of the CNS, stimulates the metabolism and acts as a diuretic
Laminaria Digitata – a brown alga exceptionally rich in iodine. Stimulates the entire metabolism, remineralises, renowned for its weight loss effect
Field horsetail – renowned for its abundance of minerals Strengthens connective tissue and prevents the accumulation of water in the body

Anti-cellulite massage with Lipo Activ Slimmer to reduce weight Contains the red alga Rodystero (Gelidium Cartialgineum),  the phyto extract of Mate and other natural anti oxidants…


Make your skin firmer and smoother! After anti-cellulite treatments and weight  loss, the skin becomes looser and needs to be toned, which is exactly why we  offer this intensive body care treatment that is, in essence, an algae-based  body wrap. The treatment stimulates and accelerates metabolism, improves tissue firmness and promotes the remineralisation and detoxification of the body.


Reduce unsightly skin areas and revitalise your skin.

Apitherapy is the method of treating the skin with a variety of bee products, primarily:

• honey
• propolis
• royal jelly

With Esensa Mediterana, we have combined bee products with the extracts of  medicinal plants and algae, which allowed us to achieve synergistic  action, i.e. ingredients that boost each other’s effectiveness, both when it  comes to professional treatments and products for home care.  Apitherapy has been used to prevent and cure disease since ancient times while,  in the past few years, modern medicine has also started giving it the recognition  that it deserves.


Stimulating and revitalising treatment. Try this therapy out to stimulate,  tonify and regenerate your body and to slow down aging processes.  Due to its great antioxidative power and the revitalising effect of its  natural active ingredients, wine therapy is considered the cream of the  crop of modern wellness and cosmetics. At Esensa Mediterana, we have boosted the tonifying and anti-cellulite effect of wine therapy in  order to achieve the best results possible and guarantee the satisfaction of clients!


Treat yourself to a fountain of youth and beauty  with this revitalising luxury body treatment with 24k gold leafs. The ritual begins with golden rose tea, which is dissolved in water by mixing…  The treatment of body massage with colloidal and 24k gold leafs  is an exclusive experience performed by two therapists doing  four-handed massage, all to the soundtrack of a special selection of music…  This ritual celebrates life as the most precious organic and  spiritual essence of this planet, and “luxes it up” with the  precious ingredients of the Esensa Mediterana line. In this  ritual, two therapists will use special manual manipulation  techniques to completely relax and revitalise your body and soul.


A massage created just for you by Esensa Mediterana! It includes strokes for deep  relaxation and stimulating circulation, wavy strokes and light, pleasant stretching  of the muscles. The massage is accompanied by an oil called  “Mediteranska šuma®” /Mediterranean Forest/, which features a  special ratio of pine, lavender and rosemary essential oil.  This holistic massage will make you feel at one with nature  and bring your body in balance with your soul.


Masaža 1000 otoka® /Thousand Islands Massage/is a massage performed with orange  massage oil. The specific feature of this massage is the direction in which its  strokes are performed, which have been created to simulate the way in which the  winds blow on our islands. This is how we created the special  strokes “Bura®, “Jugo®,  “Maestral® and, to round it  off, “Mediteranska pijavica®” /Mediterranean Maelstrom/,  which is performed on the sacral part of the  body to additionally boost your energy levels and revitalise your entire being.


Adriatic Herbal Touch® is a massage with warm herbal compresses made from  Mediterranean plants such as lavender, sage…During massage, these plants  release intoxicating fragrances that, in addition to their therapeutic effect,  also enhance the mood of relaxation.


Golden life massage®: surrender to the sensation of oil melting on your skin and indulge in the soul-nourishing caress of 24-carat gold leafs while two therapists are taking care of your body. As you feel them honouring your presence by stroking both sides of your body at the same time, feel free to let go and fully surrender yourself to exquisite pleasure.

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