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Basic care - cleansing & exfoliation

Gentle skin cleansing and exfoliation represents the first and fundamental step of Esensa Mediterana’s skincare programme. Our exclusive herbal complexes made from cherry, rose, aloe vera and witch hazel will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and radiant. Well cleansed and exfoliated skin is the perfect foundation for applying the following products:


With cherry extract for all skin types

This mild face cleansing emulsion is enriched with the delicate fragrance and extract of wild cherry. It is suitable for all skin types except oily skin. It contains allantoin, D-panthenol and wild cherry extract which, in addition to vitamin E, also binds free radicals and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. The cleansing milk gently removes all impurities to leave you with thoroughly cleansed skin, while also protecting it and preserving natural moisture levels.


For oily skin with blueberry extract

This cleansing milk is suited for oily skin, and leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and hydrated. Its formula contains the pro-vitamin B5 to stimulate skin regeneration, allantoin to reduce inflammation and other ingredients to help balance the sebaceous glands.


Refreshing lotion for all skin types

This refreshing alcohol-free lotion reduces skin redness, tightens the pores and tones the skin of the face and neck. It has an immediate, yet thorough cleansing effect, which makes it the perfect solution for those moments when you’re pressed for time (though it’s not recommended if you have exceptionally dry skin). It is rich in active natural ingredients, such as aloe vera extract, elastin, witch hazel, D-panthenol, allantoin and vitamin C.


Exfoliating face cream with mandarin essential oil

This exfoliating cream contains natural pearl microgranules and mandarin essential oil. When applied to the skin, it turns into a mildly abrasive emulsion that removes dead cells from the skin, effectively removing all impurities. After exfoliation, your skin will be cleansed, soft and well prepared for the application of other products.


Gentle toner with rose, for all skin types

Rejuvenating toner with rose hydrolat for all skin types. Applies a gentle protective layer to the skin and efficiently removes all impurities. Contains rose extract, aloe vera, D-panthenol and xanthan root. Thoroughly tones the skin and removes impurities. It is exceptionally gentle and therefore, well-suited to all skin types, even dry skin.


For all skin types

Gentle exfoliator with papaya and pineapple enzymes, vitamin C and rosemary extract, well-suited for the exfoliation of all skin types, including dry skin. Provides the perfect exfoliation and cleansing for your face, preparing your skin for the products that are applied after it.

Hydro Essence - hydratation & shine

Everybody knows that you need to keep your skin well moisturised if you want it to stay young and beautiful, which is exactly why we have created the Hydro Essence line. This line is suitable for all ages, and all of its products have been enriched with first-class ingredients such as cactus extract (AquaCactin), algae, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid etc., providing your skin with all the benefits of natural deep hydration. Regularly using the products from the Hydro Essence line will ensure your skin remains perfectly hydrated, smooth and soft, and will help you never lose that radiant glow of youth.


Intensive hydration for all skin types

This fast-absorbing and highly-concentrated hyaluronic serum offers the skin abundant hydration and freshness, restoring its elasticity and firmness. Hyaluronic acid has a high molecular mass, which is why the Esensa Mediterana line uses the hydrolysate HyActive LMW that is able to easily penetrate even the deepest layers of the skin. In connective tissue, hyaluronic acid acts as a molecular sponge – it binds water and proteins, in which it increases and fills in skin volume from the inside out. It deeply restores skin moisture, has a beneficial effect on injuries and represents a fantastic addition to any skincare programme. For quicker results, use the serum with any of the creams from the Esensa Mediterana line.


For deep hydration

This light and silky cream is one of Esensa Mediterana’s best-sellers, and it is perfect for normal to mixed skin. It is based on rose oil, cactus extract, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which, acting in synergy with the other ingredients, ensures effective and deep hydration of the skin. The cream creates moisture repositories in the deeper layers of the skin, which gives it fullness and volume. Hydro Light is effective in balancing the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, while treating your skin to the refreshing sensation of water molecules. For all skin types.


Intensive moisturising face mask

This intensive moisturising face mask with melon extract, shea butter, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and aloe vera refreshes and moisturises the skin and removes signs of fatigue. It deeply hydrates the deepest layers of the skin and restores the epidermis. Only ten minutes after use, your skin will look radiant and refreshed, and will be soft, supple and smooth to the touch.


Hydrating carotene cream

This one-of-a-kind moisturising and regenerative cream with aloe vera and vitamins B5 and E is also rich in oil-based ingredients, such as shea butter, grape seed oil, jojoba, olives and carotene. The cream provides deep skincare, prevents loss of moisture, stimulates cell regeneration and smooths the skin of the face. It provides the perfect support for maintaining moisture levels, while keeping your skin healthy and protecting it from harmful environmental factors.


Intensive moisturising and lifting formula Suitable for all skin types

This silky and highly concentrated serum with HyActive LMW hyaluronic acid and algae extracts provides a deep moisturising and lifting effect for your visage.

Thermal Essence - remineralization & balance skin

Thermal Essence stimulates regeneration and lifting (Aqua Lift Thermal) or the regulation and balancing of problematic and oily skin. This product distinguishes itself with its synergy of phytotherapy, aromatherapy and thalassotherapy by Esensa Mediterana and thermal spring water naturally enriched with 13 minerals and other trace elements. The thermal water is sourced from the spring of St. Stephen in Istria, and it is widely celebrated for its medicinal properties. Many legends have been told about it, and many studies in the area of dermatology and other branches of medicine have been conducted to test the healing and soothing properties of this one-of-a-kind water. For all skin types.


Anti-aging cream for all skin types

This anti-aging moisturising cream has been specially created for adults. It softens the skin of the face and restores its glow, reducing signs of aging. Aqua Lift Thermal is a cream that provides perfect fusion of deep remineralisation and tissue regeneration. It contains thermal mineral water from the source of St. Stephen (Istarske toplice), royal jelly and apple stem cells, which smooth the skin and act in synergy to stimulate regeneration of the epidermal layer of the skin.


For oily and problematic skin

This thermal and mineral anti-inflammatory cream is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. It naturally regulates sebum, soothes inflammations and regenerates the skin of the face. Thermal water, azeloglycine and witch hazel act together to offer a pleasantly refreshing effect, while also purifying and evening the complexion.


Soothing thermal lotion for oily and acne-prone skin

Contains 13 minerals, urea and lavender essential oil. Reduces itchiness and skin irritation, purifies and revitalises the complexion. Use together with Puri Thermal to achieve the best results.

Puri Essence - for unclean and oily skin

This intensive sebum-regulating programme is perfect for oily, problematic and acne-prone skin. Its active ingredients have a proven anti-inflammatory effect that gives problematic skin a healthier and clearer appearance. The Puri Essence line contains many plant extracts, such as tea tree, cucumber and menthol extract, which aim at reducing sebum production and preventing impurities.


Hydration, sebum regulation and anti-inflammatory action

This sebum regulation cream contains tea tree oil, algae, Panthenol and the provitamin B5. The natural active substances of the cream reduce inflammation and irritation, improve skin resistance and clarify the complexion. Hydrates, protects and leaves the skin matte.


Sebum regulation & soothing action

This cream regulates the pH level of the skin with natural active substances such as witch hazel and rosemary extract. Helps in preventing acne and soothes, revitalises and protects the skin. Use together with the Puri Activ Cream for best results.


Intensive serum for problematic skin

With its tea tree, lavender and mint extracts, this serum reduces sebum production , prevents blackheads, reduces inflammation and stimulates skin regeneration. Apply to problematic areas, i.e. locally to pimples.


Intensive sebum-regulating mask

This creamy mask has an anti-inflammatory effect and absorbs excess oils. It contains liquorice, ivy and horse chestnut extract, as well as titanium and zinc oxide. This special face mask has a powerful soothing effect and leaves the skin looking matte and fresh.

Optimal Defence - for couperose skin
Nutri Essence - for dry and sensitive skin

The cream, serum and face mask from the Optimal Defence line are here to help you soothe couperose skin. These products improve elasticity and the protective barrier of the capillaries, while also reducing redness. The line is rich in natural oils, such as avocado and almond oil, which nourish the skin and protect it from environmental factors. The Nutri Activ cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, instantly providing it with a soothing sensation of pleasure and relief. It abounds in natural jojoba, avocado and argan oils and is very rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids and antioxidative vitamins that balance lipid deficiencies and protect the skin from dryness and harmful environmental factors.


Cream for couperose skin

This cream has a beneficial effect on couperose skin and soothes it. Owing to aescin (horse chestnut extract) and the plant Centella asiatica, the cream improves the resistance and elasticity of the capillaries and reduces redness. Almond and argan oil provide additional care to deeply nourish and protect the skin.


Serum for couperose skin

This specialised serum with horse chestnut extract (aescin), allantoin, algae and rosemary improves the resistance and elasticity of the capillaries. It soothes, revitalises and deeply moisturises the skin. Use with the Optimal Defence cream to achieve the best results.


Soothing skin mask

This refreshing mask soothes the skin of the face and improves its resistance. With its selection of high-quality active ingredients such as aloe vera, allantoin, lavender and natural hazelnut oil rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, E and C, minerals and essential fatty acids (including the essential linoleic acid), this face mask provides special care for the skin. It helps in tissue reconstruction and improves the elasticity of the skin and capillaries, while leaving a pleasurable and refreshing feeling on your skin. After using this face mask for fifteen minutes, you will find that all signs of fatigue have disappeared from your face, while your skin will look profoundly refreshed.


Protective moisturising cream for dry skin

Deeply moisturises the skin and protects it from environmental factors. Reduces that unpleasant sensation of tightness and irritation in dry skin. Contains natural jojoba, avocado and argan oils, which act in synergy to balance lipid deficiency and protect the skin from excessive and unpleasant drying. This cream provides intensive and rapid care for the skin of the face, leaving it protected and perfectly nourished.


Precious & soothing anti-age face oil

A delicate, fragrant and precious oil made from three roses: Rosa moschata, Rosa canina and Rosa x damascena. These three gracious roses have been enriched with 24-carat gold leaf, retinol ester and drops of the precious essence of Damask rose essential oil. This luxurious and high-quality oil with a velvety sheen deeply moisturises the skin of the face , reducing wrinkles and providing you with a healthy glow and an immensely pleasurable feeling.

Oxylis Essence - for tired, dull and atrophic skin

The Oxylis line is a fantastic Mediterranean elixir for tired, dull and atrophic skin. The alga Laminaria ochroleuca in combination with plankton extracts and the revolutionary technology Fiflow® BB61 will help you get rid of toxins, provide you with optimum tissue oxygenation and give you a brighter complexion. These high-quality ingredients and minerals will boost your skin’s energy and make it look younger and more radiant.


Revitalising and oxygenating cream

Laminaria ochroleuca, a special alga with twice the amount of elastin cells in its structure works together with the active substance Fiflow® BB61 to supply the skin with oxygen and revitalise its cells.Plankton extract, elastin and collagen ensure revitalisation and freshness, while also protecting your skin from harmful environmental factors. The cream is intended for tired, dull and atrophic skin that lacks oxygen. It is especially recommended for smokers, as well as to people who live in a polluted environment or whose skin is exposed to factors that cause premature aging.


Moisturising and regenerating serum

This oil-free serum with algae, hyaluron and the substances LongeVicell® and Fiflow® BB61 provide the skin exceptional care and revitalisation. Fiflow® BB61 acts on the basis of an innovative mechanism for binding and releasing oxygen, which stimulates skin oxygenation. The serum increases oxygen supply and stimulates skin cell respiration. Bergamot FCF gives this combination a particularly fragrant note which, in addition to boosting the skin’s energy, also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. Use with the Oxylis cream to achieve the best results.


Revitalising face mask for all skin types

This instant effect face mask deeply revitalises the skin and enriches it with oxygen, while transporting and releasing oxygen to revive the microcirculation of the skin. With active ingredients such as allantoin, aloe vera and cucumber plant extract and glycolic acid from the essential oils of lavender and mint, this face mask will completely revitalise your skin.


Deep action lightening cream

This light-textured vitamin cream contains the vitamins C, E and F and daisy and myrtle extract. It reduces skin hyperpigmentation and prevents the development of hyperpigmented spots on the skin. It can also be used to bleach spots on the face of the skin and to even the complexion. Refreshes and deeply moisturises and revitalises the skin.

Age Defence - smoothening & toning

AGE DEFENCE LINE The production of collagen and elastin decreases with age. The skin starts losing its tone, firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles begin to develop. With its special cocktail of marine collagen, Trylagen®, hyaluronic acid and algae, the Age Defence line restores the skin’s hydrolipid layer and boosts collagen levels. This advanced anti-aging face care cocktail intensively moisturises the skin, while caviar extract deeply nourishes and regenerates it. Using this product regularly will make your skin toned and perfectly nourished and hydrated, while also defining your facial contours.


24-hour toning and moisturising

Collagen Lift Cream has a light texture and represents a true fountain of youth – it reduces wrinkles and skin irregularities, and removes signs of fatigue. Owing to its exceptionally active ingredients such as Trylagen®, collagen and hyaluron LMW®, your skin’s youthful appearance will be restored after only several days of use.


Toning and regenerating face mask

This face mask deeply moisturises, regenerates and nourishes the skin of the face. Its luxurious ingredients such as black caviar extract, cold-pressed avocado oil and plant lifto-proteins with a high molecule content have demonstrated fantastic results in restoring the skin’s elasticity. Using this face mask in combination with the Age Defence line will make your complexion radiant and fresh, and your skin wondrously soft and supple to the touch.


Intensive lifting serum

This effective serum with caviar extract, AquaCacteen extract, algae and hyaluronic acid LMW tones and smooths the skin of the face. When applied regularly, the serum enriches the skin with a deep moisturising effect, remineralises it and tones it. It smooths the facial contours, prevents the development of deep wrinkles and removes premature signs of aging. Perfectly complements the Collagen Lift and Collagen Caviar creams.


Nourishing and toning cream for all-day use

Rich nourishing cream with collagen, Trylagen® and caviar extract deeply nourishes the skin and makes it firmer. Your skin will become more elastic, with a smoothened and restored turgor. Our one-of-a-kind black caviar extract enriched with protein complex will regenerate cellular activity. The cream is suitable for dehydrated and dry skin.

Prestige Spa - against all signs of aging

The Prestige Spa Collection line provides maximum effectiveness in fighting aging and all of its side-effects. The products from this first-class line feature the finest ingredients, and they are also extremely pleasant to use. This line boasts a high concentration of hyaluronic acid LMW, plant stem cells, black caviar extract, 24–carat gold leafand the polypeptide proteins LongeVIcell®, Raffermine®, LiftiLine® and Argireline®, which are the cream of the crop of exclusive natural cosmetics. The creams from the line Prestige Spa Collection have a general anti-aging effect on the skin that is based on deep moisturising, regeneration, protection and smoothening of the skin of the face. Skin treated with these products will attain a brilliant glow and energy, and will appear greatly rejuvenated.


Day and night cream

Day and night cream with caviar extract and 24-carat gold leafs. The luxurious Caviar Gold cream is one of Esensa Mediterana’s most prestigious anti-aging creams. It provides the skin with sophisticated deep moisturising with HMW & LMW hyaluronic acid. Caviar extract and 24-carat gold leafs enable deep tissue regeneration, while LiftiLine®, Raffermine® and Argireline® effectively reduce wrinkles. The comprehensive anti-aging effect of this highly-concentrated cream, suitable for even the most demanding of skin types, will provide you endless satisfaction and pleasure.


Cream with rose stem cells and the Longevicell® oligosaccharide

This cream, which has been awarded with a gold medal for excellence in innovation in the USA, stimulates the activity and longevity of the skin’s stem cells. It increases the skin’s tolerance to UV rays and regenerates damage to the skin caused by environmental factors. It reduces signs of aging and removes wrinkles, restoring the skin’s vitality and glow. Its active substances Liftiline® and Raffermine® add to the cream’s toning effect and provide deep revitalisation of the skin of the face.


Intensive regenerating serum

This highly-effective luxury serum tones the skin and shapes the facial contours from the inside out. The intensive low-molecular ingredients of this enriched anti-aging formula include Liftiline® and Hyaluron Filler, enriched with 24-carat gold leafs. These ingredients reactivate cellular functions and restore the skin’s energy. AquaCactin® and algae keep the skin deeply hydrated, regenerate it and protect it from environmental factors.


Toning and revitalising cream

This lifting and moisturising cream shields the sensitive skin around the eyes with a protective layer and prevents the development of wrinkles. LiftiLine®, Argireline® and macadamia oil stimulate intensive tissue regeneration on a cellular level and make this delicate zone firmer and smoother. Restored elasticity, reduced wrinkles and freshness are but some of the features that will make your eyes shine even brighter.

Prestige Spa Man - against all signs of aging

The men’s collection Prestige Spa includes products that have been specially designed for the needs of men’s skin. The products feature subtle fragrances and are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. This line abounds in highly-effective ingredients such as Argireline®, hyaluronic acid, algae, aloe vera and natural nourishing oils that deeply nourish the skin of the face.


Revitalising anti-aging cream

This luxurious cream with a light texture deeply moisturises, revitalises and purifies the skin of the face, making that unpleasant feeling of tight skin disappear in a second. Its high-molecular anti-aging plant proteins such as LiftiLine®, Argireline® and marine collagen have a firming and revitalising effect.


Soothing and nourishing balm

This soothing balm provides deep skin hydration and well-being. It is fast-absorbing and quickly removes all discomfort and tightness of the skin. It is naturally derived from algae, aloe vera and olive oil. Reduces skin sensitivity and makes your skin soft and supple. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Anti-wrinkle eye cream

This light and fast-absorbing formula for the area around the eyes contains apple and rose stem cells that reduce wrinkles and smooth the entire area around the eyes. The cream deeply moisturises, protects and nourishes the skin and removes signs of fatigue. Its active ingredients LiftiLine®, Argireline® and hyaluronic acid provide deep tissue regeneration and firming in a natural way. Your eyes will shine with a new glow of vitality.

Eye Essence - special care for a radiant eye zone

EYE Essence – this line for eye care by Esensa Mediterana offers four very powerful and specific products for the needs of delicate and thin skin. Maximum effectiveness is ensured with the line’s high concentration of plant ingredients and their synergistic action. The line contains algae and cucumber extracts, caffeine and avocado oil, which perfectly complement the carefully selected active substances aimed at achieving optimum results and skin tolerance.


Cream for wrinkles and swelling

This moisturising and fast-absorbing cream with algae, hyaluronic acid and Liftiline® plant proteins smooths the sensitive skin around the eyes and protects it from drying. At the same time, plant caffeine reduces swelling and gives the area around the eyes a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. It restores the skin’s elasticity and vitality.


Anti-age eye care

This serum is based on avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, which provide intensive care to the sensitive skin around the eyes. Its exclusive Anti-Age Complex comprises: Argireline®,Trylagen® and LiftiLine®, which have a fantastic toning and smoothening effect on the skin. This product reduces wrinkles and restores the skin’s elasticity and vitality.


Cream for under-eye circles

This eye cream reduces under-eye circles and smooths the skin. It contains cucumber extract and arnica to boost microcirculation and panthenol to regenerate and protect sensitive skin. Avocado oil is excellent for dehydrated, dry and mature skin, as well as for sensitive and dry skin around the eyes.


Refreshing and toning fast-acting mask for the area around the eyes

This highly-effective mask for the area around the eyes has an immediate effect. Its unique combination of cucumber extract, horse chestnut and the oligosaccharide LongeVicell® provides freshness, toning and intensive moisturising for the area around the eyes. Horse chestnut reduces under-eye circles and swelling and rapidly restores your well-being.

Body Essence - for smooth and firm body skin

The BODY ESSENCE line offers body care products for all occasions and needs. It contains a high concentration of selected land and sea plants and natural oils, which together create Esensa Mediterana’s 3-in-1 patent with synergistic action. In this line, you can find ingredients such as grape seed, olive oil, argan oil, various algae and plant extracts like myrtle, soy and Gotu kola (Centella asiatica), which act in synergy to provide maximum effectiveness. Activate the protective functions of your skin and preserve its natural balance, and you will be rewarded with a radiant appearance and a silky-smooth feeling of pleasure.


Revitalising anti-aging serum

A gentle, fast absorbing serum is well suited for deep hydration and skin cell renovation. The essentials of this serum consist of grape seeds oil rich in antioxidants (bioflavonoids). It is a source of vitamins B1, B6 and carotenoids affecting the skin health and beauty. Algae extract with skin proteins forms a protective film acting as natural defence from harmful external impacts. Rosemary, a natural antioxidant, stabilises this luxurious formulation leaving on the skin daily traces of renewed vitality and soft smothness.


Lifting and firming body cream

This cream is enriched with high-molecular soy proteins - Raffermine®, which have an excellent toning effect on the skin. LongeVicell® deeply revitalises, argan oil rejuvenates the skin cells and restores skin elasticity, while Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) stimulates the circulation and enhances the synergistic action of all the other active substances, which slows down the aging process and inhibits the development of wrinkles. Use this cream regularly for the best results, and you will be rewarded with velvet-smooth, rejuvenated skin.


Regenerating and moisturising anti-aging body lotion

This light, fast-absorbing serum is perfect for deep moisturising and cellular regeneration of the skin. This serum is based on grape seed oil, which abounds in antioxidants (bioflavonoids). It is also a source of the vitamins B1 and B6 carotenoids, which have a beneficial effect on the health and beauty of the skin. Algae extracts work together with skin proteins to form a protective film that acts as a natural defence from harmful environmental factors. As a natural antioxidant, rosemary stabilises this luxurious formula that leaves your skin feeling revitalised and silky-smooth every single day.


Nourishing and regenerating anti-aging serum

The rich ingredients of this serum restore the skin’s natural health and beauty. Royal jelly, algae, rice and soy proteins, extracts and retinol ester stimulate cellular regeneration of the skin and remove dead cells. Honey additionally enriches, nourishes and moisturise the skin of the body and makes it soft and smooth to the touch.


Regenerating cream for dry skin

This rich and velvety cream immediately reduces skin dehydration and discomfort. It contains raspberry oil and extract, which boasts the highest natural sun protection factor. Aloe vera, mint and lavender complete this first-class formula for everyday body care.

Body Essence - anti-cellulite body treatment

Body Essence – draining and smoothing body care. Esensa Mediterana offers two intensive products for anti-cellulite care, which stimulate microcirculation and alleviate water retention. Compounds with high concentrations of active plant extracts such as caffeine, mate extract, guarana and algae have an anti-cellulite and draining effect that stimulates the elimination of toxins, leaving your body smooth and toned.


For body shaping and lipolytic action

Lipo Aktiv Slimmer shapes and redefines the contours of your body. With its rich ingredients, such as papaya extract, Rhodysterol® red algae extract, mate extract and caffeine, this serum smooths the surface of the skin and uses lypolitic action to stimulate fat burning and prevent new fat deposits. It oxygenises tissue and stimulates fat metabolism, which visibly redefines your figure and smooths the skin of your body.


Anti-cellulite gel-shaping and draining body cream

This gel-cream with a draining effect reduces water retention and eliminates toxins from the body. It is rich in active ingredients, such as green coffee, grapefruit and rosemary extract, and it prevents the creation of new fat cells. Use this refreshing gel-cream regularly to keep your skin looking smooth and toned.


Serum for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. For regeneration and skin comfort

This serum cream restores the skin elasticity, prevents the occurrence of stretch marks and reduces existing ones. It contains a new powerful cocktail Vanistryl® who inhibiting the degradation of the “building block” components of the skin and reducing tension in the skin, it protects the connective tissue from further degradation. This peptide formulation also stimulates elastin and collagen formation, and provides healing properties that help regenerate the damaged components of the dermis.

Body Essence - natural care for beautiful hands, legs and feet

It is said that a woman’s hands are her calling card, which is exactly why they deserve special care and attention. Our feet and legs are what carries us through our lives. Unfortunately, dry, cracked skin and tired and swollen legs are problems that most of us have to deal with. This is why it is so important to treat your feet with active foot care in order to prevent such problems.


Regenerative, protective and lightening hand cream

This hand cream contains high-quality oil-based ingredients such as olive oil, which offers the highest natural level of protection against UV rays, and shea butter. Its active ingredients include daisy extract, Raffermine®, panthenol and UV filters. Deeply regenerates the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation on the skin of the hands and prevents the development of hyperpigmented spots. Provides excellent protection from drying and from harmful environmental factors.


Nourish foot care

Nourishing and refreshing foot and leg cream. Its rich, yet non-oily texture is absorbed quickly and immediately restores the elasticity and suppleness of dry skin. Shea butter, lavender, mint essential oil and plant extracts will soften and smooth all of the dry and rough patches on your skin. The cream stimulates the protective function of the skin and restores energy and freshness to tired legs, leaving your skin silky-smooth to the touch.


Refreshing and revitalising gel for tired legs

This gel immediately refreshes the legs, improves circulation and drainage and regenerates tired legs and feet. The gentle cooling effect of this gel will re-moisturise your skin and restore that feeling of lightness and ease in your legs. Contains menthol for a cooling effect and reducing fatigue, as well as horse chestnut extract for an astringent and toning effect that accelerates the elimination of toxins. Effective for ailments related to broken capillaries.

Aroma mediteran - natural peelings and balms for body

Skin peeling is a natural process that happens every day. In order to help the skin to free itself of dead cells, we have created scrubs that have an optimum exfoliating effect. After dead cells are removed from the skin, the skin starts producing new cells, which enables it to absorb the active and nourishing ingredients of the skincare products that we use.



The base of this balm consists of: olive, grape seed, sesame and macadamia oil. Its formula is further enriched with shea butter and the essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot FCF and lavender, which give it a special sunny note. The balm owes its sweet, refreshing and citrusy fragrance to bergamot oil, which has a relaxing effect, elevates the mood and brings a feeling of joy and energy. It also reduces pain and is very effective in alleviating headaches, sprains, muscle pain and other symptoms. Alleviates tension and anxiety and helps with stress-related symptoms, such as insomnia, high blood pressure and depression. Relaxes the muscles and nerves, provides quick relief from spasms and painful muscle contractions. The orange fragrance helps heal swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation, boosts the production of collagen, and is especially suitable for dry and irritation-prone skin. Owing to its deeply moisturising, nourishing and regenerating effect, this balm is well suited for all skin types.


With papain and bromelain enzymes

The fruit enzymes of papaya and pineapple (papain and bromelain) disintegrate proteins to remove dead cells from the skin. Although it is mild and gentle, our enzymatic body scrub is excellent at exfoliating dead cells from the skin, as well as when it comes to removing sebum, toxins and other impurities that clog the pores. Use it twice a week to stimulate regeneration and give your skin a smooth and supple texture.


Lavander or grape

This body scrub with lavender is a natural mechanical exfoliator that removes dead cells from the skin. It contains sea salt and apricot kernel granules that help this oily gel cleanse the skin in a natural way, restoring its vitality and glow.


Green tea

This nourishing body balm is enriched with natural antioxidants, almond and olive oil. It contains green tea extract, vitamins E and C and marigold macerate. Perfect for deeply moisturising and nourishing dehydrated and dry skin.

Esensa body massage oils

Are a mixture of natural oils: grape seed, olive and almond oil and the essential oils of lavender, rosemary, pine, orange, mandarin…Essential oils are natural essences that are obtained through the distillation of plant flowers, wood, leaves, bark or fruit. They contain complex ingredients in a concentrated form, which assist the body in its self-healing process by boosting the immune system. With its subtle fragrances, Mediterranean aromatherapy will restore your mood and balance your body and spirit. Our lively Mediterranean oils are well suited for all skin types.


For all skin types

In addition to almond oil as a base, has a warm, sunny and refreshing fragrance that has many beneficial effects on the skin of the body and elevates the mood. Rose geranium essential oil stimulates the circulation and lymph and removes toxins from the body. This oil exceptionally nourishes and moisturises the skin and improves its elasticity and restores the skin’s energy, softness and radiance.


For all skin types

Brings you the synergistic action of natural cold-pressed almond and sesame oil and the essential oils of rosemary, lavender, mountain pine and marjoram, which relieve the body of fatigue and tension, cleanse the lungs, restore the skin’s softness and elasticity and bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your body care routine.


For all skin types

Contains a high percentage of grape seed oil, which has an exceptionally fine texture and fragrance. It is a great source of the vitamins B1 and B6 and abounds in antioxidants – bioflavonoids that have a beneficial effect on the skin. This special oil nourishes and smooths the body and regenerates the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.

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