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The skill of using natural fruits of the soil and sea is part of the millennia-old tradition of the Mediterranean. Esensa Mediterana presents the essence of natural Mediterranean face and body care…

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At Dermoestetik, we devote particular attention to the training of cosmeticians as an important factor in our all-round professional approach. We conduct both training for beginners that are encountering our products for the first time and refresher courses that will help you revise your skills and complement them with new ones. Our   “know-how” system for the training of first-class cosmeticians and therapists is of essential importance, as only a well-trained cosmetician is able to keep up with modern trends in cosmetics and be successful in their job.

Our training includes both practice and theory. Many cosmeticians participate in our training sessions where we, in addition to the content of Esensa Mediterana products, also teach you the specific protocols for intensive treatments and specific massages that have been created by our experts, such as:  

  • 1000 Islands Massage
  • Mediterranean Massage
  • Various Esensa Mediterana face massages

If you’re interested in working with Esensa Mediterana products, please send us your contact information via our e-mail address info@dermoestetik.hr or via our contact form, so that we can notify you about all news and include you in the training. Training sessions are conducted periodically, depending on the number of interested participants, and depending on where the majority of participants live.

Find out more at:

Novigrad Training Centre

Rijeke Dragonje 1,
Industrial zone Vidal,
52466 Novigrad – Cittanova

tel: 052 732 366, 052 732 342
info tel: 0800 23 23 23
e-mail: info@dermoestetik.hr

Poreč Training Centre

Wellness Esensa Spa, hotel Parentium – Poreč
tel: 052 451 346

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