The Mediterranean has always been the cradle of great civilisations, a haven of a healthy way of living. It is a place where a great variety of medicinal plants grow, nourished by the warm sunlight and soil, their rich fragrances carried by the pleasant Mediterranean breeze. The skill of using the natural fruits of the soil and sea to live healthily is our heritage, and this heritage lies at the very essence of Esensa Mediterana face and body care.

The rich plant essences are complemented with luxury revitalising treatments and products under the brand of Esensa Mediterana. The many awards that we have received from both professionals and customers are but part of the recognition that our renowned cosmetics company has received – we are also proud holders of the globally recognised patent of 3in1 synergistic action phyto&aroma&thalasso therapy.The foundation of these great cosmetic, therapeutic and medicinal breakthroughs lies in the tremendous power of the Mediterranean climate and its plant life, and this is the starting point that Ivana Legović, ph.lab., cosmetologist and mr.sci.dr. Roberto Legović used to create natural cosmetics based on the traditional skill of using the natural fruits of the soil and sea.

Bright sunlight, shimmering seas and the fragrance of pine, lavender, rosemary, sage and immortelle are but few of the magical elements that permeate our wide range of products for complete face and body care.The enthusiasm of its owners, a clear vision and contagious optimism have crowned the brand with seven gold medals from all over the globe, which represent the backbone of all the novelties launched from Dermoestetik’s laboratory. Our authentic natural products have received recognition throughout the world. 2013 was an especially important year for us, as it was the year when Esensa was officially declared the most awarded brand of professional natural cosmetics. In addition to first-class products, Esensa Mediterana also boasts being the creator of the largest wellness spa & beauty programme.

Our innovations and breakthroughs in cosmetology did not go unnoticed. Recognition soon began pouring in from all over Croatia, as well as from neighbouring countries, all of whom included Esensa among their top beauty products without a moment of hesitation. Esensa Mediterana products can be found in 600 beauty parlours throughout Croatia, as well as in many hotels and wellness centres in the region. We wanted to break out of the conventional mould, fully aware of how difficult it is to offer customers a product that is balanced in terms of quality and price. Nevertheless, our efforts to meet the aforementioned criteria have yielded results with which we are very satisfied – though never satisfied enough to stop working on being even better! Inside the trendy packaging of our first-rate products, the magic of the Mediterranean in its purest form awaits you, waiting to gift you with a lasting sense of wellbeing and endow your face and body with the exquisite sensation of natural beauty!

Unique combination of phyto, aroma & thalasso therapy

The synergistic action of natural raw materials enhances the interaction of its individual constituents. The peculiarity of our synergistic action is that our raw materials are natural plant extracts that act gently but long-term, algae that remineralize tissues and allow deep absorption of other active ingredients and carefully selected essential oils that multiply the action of the first two substances, bringing the body to a healthy balance. It is because of its action that our components of synergy are actions of phyto, aroma and thalasso therapy, and thus they provide us with therapeutic results visible from the first treatment! The compatibility of the substances of our preparations is reflected in the special and patented ratio of these therapies, which united in a natural and powerful synergistic action, give our clients excellent effect, excellent tolerance with the ease and pleasure of using Esense Mediteranean products.