Wine therapy ritual - Istrian wine therapy

Stimulating and revitalising treatment. Try this therapy out to stimulate, tonify and regenerate your body and to slow down aging processes. Due to its great antioxidative power and the revitalising effect of its natural active ingredients, wine therapy is considered the cream of the crop of modern wellness and cosmetics. At Esensa Mediterana, we have boosted the tonifying and anti-cellulite effect of wine therapy in order to achieve the best results possible and guarantee the satisfaction of clients!

Body ritual golden life

Treat yourself to a fountain of youth and beauty with this revitalising luxury body treatment with 24k gold leafs. The ritual begins with golden rose tea, which is dissolved in water by mixing… The treatment of body massage with colloidal and 24k gold leafs is an exclusive experience performed by two therapists doing four-handed massage, all to the soundtrack of a special selection of music… This ritual celebrates life as the most precious organic and spiritual essence of this planet, and “luxes it up” with the precious ingredients of the Esensa Mediterana line. In this ritual, two therapists will use special manual manipulation techniques to completely relax and revitalise your body and soul.