A massage created just for you by Esensa Mediterana! It includes strokes for deep relaxation and stimulating circulation, wavy strokes and light, pleasant stretching of the muscles. The massage is accompanied by an oil called “Mediteranska šuma®” /Mediterranean Forest/, which features a special ratio of pine, lavender and rosemary essential oil. This holistic massage will make you feel at one with nature and bring your body in balance with your soul.


Masaža 1000 otoka® /Thousand Islands Massage/is a massage performed with orange massage oil. The specific feature of this massage is the direction in which its strokes are performed, which have been created to simulate the way in which the winds blow on our islands. This is how we created the special strokes “Bura®”, “Jugo®”, “Maestral®” and, to round it off, “Mediteranska pijavica®” /Mediterranean Maelstrom/, which is performed on the sacral part of the body to additionally boost your energy levels and revitalise your entire being.


Adriatic Herbal Touch® is a massage with warm herbal compresses made from Mediterranean plants such as lavender, sage…During massage, these plants release intoxicating fragrances that, in addition to their therapeutic effect, also enhance the mood of relaxation.


Golden life massage®: surrender to the sensation of oil melting on your skin and indulge in the soul-nourishing caress of 24-carat gold leafs while two therapists are taking care of your body. As you feel them honouring your presence by stroking both sides of your body at the same time, feel free to let go and fully surrender yourself to exquisite pleasure.