Hydro life

Deeply moisturises and tones the skin and shapes facial contours.
In addition to relaxation, the exclusive acupressure massage allows for the rapid absorption of the ceramide complex. This peel off face mask with redcurrant and vitamin C provides a long-term moisturising effect.

Puri life

The perfect way to calm down your overactive sebaceous glands! The Puri Life professional treatment is perfect for oily and problematic skin. The active ingredients of this treatment are various combinations of plants such as: algae, tea tree, menthol, cucumber…

Collagen & caviar lift tretman

Slow down the aging process with our 100% natural caviar treatment!

• revitalises your skin
• reduces wrinkles
• contains natural ingredients (caviar, algae, plant extracts)

This intensive treatment

• stimulates your skin’s production of collagen, i.e. collagen synthesis, and evens the diameter of collagen fibres
• inhibits the MMP enzyme that degrades collagen fibrils into smaller fragments that are exposed to further proteolysis
• prevents the further degradation of collagen fibrils in mature skin

Use Peel off Rejuven to deeply nourish and revitalise the skin of your face.

Aha glyko treatment

Choose this triple-action treatment to:

• brighten your complexion
• reduce acne
• enjoy an anti-aging effect!

This treatment includes:

• two Aha-Glycolic serums, one with a stronger exfoliating effect and one with a milder one
• two face masks, one for neutralising acidity and the other for regulating the hydrolipid layer of the skin

PLEASE NOTE: The Aha Glycolic treatment is not offered from May to late September due to strong sunlight.


Reduce unsightly skin areas and revitalise your skin.

Apitherapy is the method of treating the skin with a variety of bee products, primarily:

• honey
• propolis
• royal jelly

With Esensa Mediterana, we have combined bee products with the extracts of medicinal plants and algae, which allowed us to achieve synergistic action, i.e. ingredients that boost each other’s effectiveness, both when it comes to professional treatments and products for home care. Apitherapy has been used to prevent and cure disease since ancient times while, in the past few years, modern medicine has also started giving it the recognition that it deserves.