The base of this balm consists of: olive, grape seed, sesame and macadamia oil. Its formula is further enriched with shea butter and the essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot FCF and lavender, which give it a special sunny note. The balm owes its sweet, refreshing and citrusy fragrance to bergamot oil, which has a relaxing effect, elevates the mood and brings a feeling of joy and energy. It also reduces pain and is very effective in alleviating headaches, sprains, muscle pain and other symptoms. Alleviates tension and anxiety and helps with stress-related symptoms, such as insomnia, high blood pressure and depression. Relaxes the muscles and nerves, provides quick relief from spasms and painful muscle contractions. The orange fragrance helps heal swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation, boosts the production of collagen, and is especially suitable for dry and irritation-prone skin. Owing to its deeply moisturising, nourishing and regenerating effect, this balm is well suited for all skin types.