Istrian wine therapy - ritual of wine therapy

Slow down the aging process with a therapy that:

• stimulates
• tones
• revitalises

In order to exfoliate the skin, this therapy uses a combination of grape seed oil and grape seeds mixed with brown sugar, olive oil, red vine leaf extract, soy raffermine for toning, wheat polypeptides and algae.

Lifto rose - stem cell - rose ritual

Choose this toning and revitalising treatment to rejuvenate your face

Professional care with a cup of rose tea is the best way to start this rose-strewn wellness ritual! The fragrance of rose stimulates feminine (yin) energy, while recent studies have shown that rose oil restores hormonal balance in women and alleviates depression. In addition to subtle energy and a specific protocol, Esensa Mediterana’s laboratories have also added other active phytotherapy ingredients such as Raffermine, Lifti Line, calendula extract, soy and extract of the roses:

• Rosa Canina
• Rosa Moschata

which perfectly round off this wellness ritual – both when it comes to the effectiveness of its ingredients and that special feeling of luxury that every woman loves to feel on her skin.

Coffee break - green coffee ritual

This draining and revitalising treatment, i.e. green coffee ritual emerged both from the luxury offer of wellness centres, and as the result of medical studies published in the Journal of International Medical Research 2007. Coffee extract helps with:

• achieving weight loss naturally
• reducing the absorption of sugar into the blood and is also an ingredient that is highly prized in the cosmetics industry due to its exceptional antioxidative properties

In addition to pleasure, this wellness ritual treats you to the benefits of active substances that offer an optimum draining and revitalising effect, together with a peel-off mask that will make sure you achieve visible results already after your first treatment.

Golden life - 24 k gold ritual

Treat yourself to an elixir of beauty and youth with this luxury rejuvenating treatment with 24-carat gold leafs. This exclusive treatment with 24-carat gold leafs for mature skin restores the skin’s:

• vitality
• tone
• glow

In addition to being a symbol of luxury, gold also stimulates the cells to fight against free radicals, while also having an excellent rejuvenating effect. Today, many prestigious cosmetic brands from all around the world use 24k gold in their intensive luxury anti-age treatments.